A Tasty Blueberry Breakfast

I don't know about you, but lately winter has been nothing but a roller coaster. In Michigan this has been our last couple weeks: No snow with cold temps Snow with warm temps Snowed in with freezing temps Frigid (not even the flue could survive the elements) temps that keeps every living thing indoors or... Continue Reading →

Tasting It

I can still taste it, lingering around on my tongue, moving from one taste bud to the next, savory, sweet, and down right delicious! After photographing food at a dinner party for Chef Damon last weekend, I got a chance to more than just taste his creations, I savored them. My first encounter came from... Continue Reading →

Switch Up

After battling the black mold that formed on my wooden cutting board, I have resorted to using a flexible plastic board, which I'm finding easy to use, especially when I'm able to fold and let the chopped veggies fall into the pan without my floor catching little morsels, which later I step on. But I'm... Continue Reading →

Breakfast Quinoa Something

After starting a food journey six months ago, evicting sugar, fruit sugar, and gluten from my diet, to in turn focus on the necessary move to organic and grass fed foods, I have found myself more times than I can count trying to figure out what to eat. It's easy to pull together nuts and... Continue Reading →


It's a bi-polar winter, full of single digits, negative windchill's, and forty degree thaws. As a season of warming from the inside out, this household has been consuming proteins and veggies, often. So, since the fridge is stocked with these ingredients, I find myself once again head first in the fridge for soup fixin's; cabbage,... Continue Reading →

Taco Guts

What is on the chopping block? Everyday there is something, but I've been too busy to write about them and the interesting meals my taste buds have created. Recently, I've been caught up in photography and the small details of my macro lens, often resulting in overcooking or taking too long to get a meal... Continue Reading →

Meringue Pancakes

I was craving something different, something light, something addictive, something finite, without baking powder, because Mother Hubbard's Cupboard didn't stock that on the shelf. Enter Google....and the search for pancakes. Response, meringue pancakes. Body's response...inspired! So I reached for the chopping block, though I didn't need it, I smoothed my hand over the blonde wood,... Continue Reading →


I woke up hungry this morning, how about you? After pulling out the block and diving into the fridge, I choose ingredients that harmonize well together for this meal. Eggs Eggs, mushrooms, spinach Bacon And there you have it! Breakfast


When you roll out of bed at it's 10 o'clock in the morning, craving fruit rather than veggies, brunch becomes the menu. Today‚Äôs masterpiece is a shout out to the sweeter side of healthy: ancient grains waffles topped with vanilla bean yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, and a dusting of cinnamon. This was the closest version to... Continue Reading →

Forced Appetite

I stood at the gate of awake and sleepy, while the humid air clanging to me. After a few minutes of wrestling with myself, I finally rose craving something refreshing, water, fruit, anything really to quench this thirst and chase the warmth away. I knew I needed more nutrition than water to make it through... Continue Reading →

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