Forced Appetite

I stood at the gate of awake and sleepy, while the humid air clanging to me. After a few minutes of wrestling with myself, I finally rose craving something refreshing, water, fruit, anything really to quench this thirst and chase the warmth away. I knew I needed more nutrition than water to make it through the day; So, I reached for the board, pulled my favorite knife from the drawer and climbed into the fridge.


Crack, whisk, chop, shred, toast, spread, sizzle.

In minutes, my omelette, toast, bacon, and watermelon adorned my plate. I watched the silver fork cut into the egg, separating the cheese, lifted it to my tongue and forced myself to chew. It was the slowest I have ever eaten, standing at the kitchen counter hoping for a reprieve, a gust of wind, anything to bring back my appetite and wipe the sweat from my brow.



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