Meringue Pancakes

I was craving something different, something light, something addictive, something finite, without baking powder, because Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard didn’t stock that on the shelf.

Enter Google….and the search for pancakes. Response, meringue pancakes. Body’s response…inspired! So I reached for the chopping block, though I didn’t need it, I smoothed my hand over the blonde wood, missing that touch, and pulled kitchen utensils from drawers, and ingredients from shelves; broke, separated, measured, and whisked, until the combined consistency was just right.

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Grabbed a frying pan from the drawer, added a little cooking spray and scooped a cup of batter into the hot pan, making sure not to burn each pancake before stacking them in a casserole dish to stay warm.

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Now the hard part…what do I want to adorn these beauties? I could do syrup, but that sounds too sweet today. I could do berries and yogurt, but I don’t have either. Or I could….swivel the lazy susan until…right there, yes, peanut butter, a drizzle of honey, and a dusting of organic powdered sugar. Perfect!

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I got a little fancy rolling these up and stacking them on a plate, but hey, the point of good food is making it look so divine that the only thing left to do is devour.


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