It’s a bi-polar winter, full of single digits, negative windchill’s, and forty degree thaws.

As a season of warming from the inside out, this household has been consuming proteins and veggies, often. So, since the fridge is stocked with these ingredients, I find myself once again head first in the fridge for soup fixin’s; cabbage, celery, carrots, roasted chicken, and leeks. Then dig deep into the pantry for broth and garlic, before raiding the spice drawer, pulling out anything that would taste good with what I had already found.

I do like winging it when I cook. It takes little strategy and gets my creative juices flowing; I am a better cook for it.

Fast forward 45 minutes later, with the aroma over taking the house:

Bay leaves are removed,
bay leaves
one last minute of simmering in the kettle,
simmer soup
and spooning into a bowl.


My soul is satisfied…it is warm.

Who wants seconds!!!


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