Breakfast Quinoa Something

After starting a food journey six months ago, evicting sugar, fruit sugar, and gluten from my diet, to in turn focus on the necessary move to organic and grass fed foods, I have found myself more times than I can count trying to figure out what to eat. It’s easy to pull together nuts and chop some sweet potato for snacking, but making meals has been difficult for me.

I don’t know about you, but when you find something you can eat, you overdose yourself on it, because you aren’t sure what else you should eat. So this weekend, I have a chance to experiment a little, starting with quinoa. First let me stress, I did not start out as a fan of quinoa, especially six months ago! So, to see what I could do with it, I did what every internet savvy seeker would do, I “Googled it.”

This recipe below did not come from searching online, it was a creation of my own, but was inspired by some of the dishes that I combed through. For 417 calories, it was quite filling and yes, I’ll be making it again.



Breakfast Quinoa Something

1/4 cup organic tri color quinoa (cooked)

8 organic grape tomatoes (halved)

2 cups organic spinach (sauteed)

2 fried organic uncured bacon (to liked consistency)

2 organic eggs (shown, pan fried in organic coconut oil)

1 tsp organic chia seeds (top dish before devouring)


*side note, when photography food, don’t use a brown bowl for this dish, unless that’s all you have.


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