Tasting It


I can still taste it, lingering around on my tongue, moving from one taste bud to the next, savory, sweet, and down right delicious!

After photographing food at a dinner party for Chef Damon last weekend, I got a chance to more than just taste his creations, I savored them. My first encounter came from reaching into a vat of leftovers for a little piece of meat, popping it into my mouth like a piece of candy. An instant explosion of the most delightful flavors, of which I cannot identify, danced on my tongue, bite after bite, dispersing more juicy spices married to the meat. One by one the little pieces disappeared, beyond the moan I held in, as big sighs found contentment with each savory bite.

Though this wasn’t on my chopping block, I’d like to pay respects to Chef Damon’s. I’ve tasted his creations before, but none like I had experienced at this dinner party. I gleefully was sent home with two boxes, filled with leftovers; one of which never made it home.

Imagine if you will: You are stopped at a stoplight, waiting for it to turn green, while your stomach is craving those little nibbles of flavor you teased yourself with back in the kitchen. So you reach for a to-go box, nestled on the passenger floor. You open the lid, and feel around in the dark for something familiar, unearth it from the other foods and pop it in your mouth. Just when you think you are going to put the box down, so you can drive, you can’t. The food is too good, nourishing your body, and your brain, as the flavors swirl around on the bed of your tongue, like a speed skater in the Olympics.

So you hold the box in your right hand, and dig in with your left. So messy, but so good. Then, the light changes to green and you are turning left. As natural it is for you to walk and chew bubble gum, you lift your knees to the steering wheel, and turn with your palm as to not touch the wheel with your messy fingers. You are not sure how you managed to turn the car so delicately, to then again, make three more turns in the same fashion, but you did it, while fingering food pass your trembling lips, suckling every morsel.

Arriving home, I was ready for round two waiting for me to flip the lid.


But this time, I used a fork and knife to slice the tender meat, before delivering it to it’s final destination, where more silent moans gathered.

If you would like to take a cooking class with Chef Damon and glean some of his expertise, click the link below to sign up for his next class on November 11th, 2018 at Kitchen 242 in Muskegon, MI.

Fall Harvest Course – Southern Style



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